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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my pre-game day responsibilities?

  • Call your partner and the school.

  • Double check the time and number of games.

  • When you arrive politely find out if you need to sign a voucher. If they have checks with the wrong names, take one and cosign it and put it in the bank. Don’t expect them to write another check.

  • If you are working the B/JV games, stay and watch at least half of the varsity game. Ask questions of the Varsity officials. That is a responsibility that you have. You should also expect the varsity officials to give you feedback. Accept constructive criticism.

  • Check this page for updates.


Should I allow a player to use tape or band-aids over jewelry?

  • DO NOT allow any player to play with tape or Band-Aids over earrings. Even if they were allowed to do it “last game”. Just remind them that the rule book says NO JEWELRY.


How strict should I be on compliance with uniform rules?

  • Remember that shirts that are designed to be tucked in must be tucked in. It is your responsibility during pre-game warm ups to make sure all players are in compliance with the uniform rules. Players should not be allowed even to warm up until they are in compliance with the uniform rules. Do not be lenient in this regard. Take care of business.

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